About Ziontours

We are the largest American owned Travel Agency in Israel. Our One Stop Travel center prides itself on its first class service with the highest level of professionalism. Our fourteen travel consultants can handle all your travel needs:
Airline Tickets, Hotel and Car Reservations, Visa requirements, Emergencies.
We offer the best flight prices from Israel to anywhere.

We are exclusive agents for excellent study trips conducted by
Jewish Historical Seminars to various destinations such as Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Provence, Alsace Lorraine and the Rhineland, England, Bohemia and Moravia, Uzbekistan, Transylvania and the Balkans.

We provide exciting educational & intensive tours of the Holy Land through our Incoming Department, with special emphasis on meeting the people of this fascinating country. Whether you're an individual family or a large organization we can create a program to meet your needs.

ציונטורס ירושלים בע"מ
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